Saturday, January 23, 2010

Why I Love Geoff

Due to her hyptonia, Phoebe has really horribly painful constipation. Watching her poop is basically the worst thing ever because sometimes it involves her crying in pain for 30 minutes, looking at us and going "WHY MOM? WHY!?"

It'd been a few days since she pooped so I figured a really painful one was on deck (heh heh the "poop deck" if you will) and this morning when I saw her pause on all fours and gaze into space, I knew what was coming and I was not looking forward to it.



By some miracle of God, she didn't let out a single cry of pain when she pooped. Nothing!

Geoff was playing with her in her room and he said "It smells like poop, she must have gone".

I knew it was going to be a nasty one though simply because she hadn't gone in a few days (and if you think the thrill is gone in YOUR relationship, try having kids and discussing their poop on a regular basis).

I just overheard him changing her diaper in the other room and he said, I swear to you,

"Oh man. NASTY! It looks like frosting on her butt crack!"

And I knew exactly what he was talking about.


Melissa Haak said...

I know too!

My kids have both had constipation problems, one required a GI intervention, so I totally understand!

Does your daughter eat yogurt smoothies? We were able to get our kids off medication and pretty regular using Keifer (Probug is the kids version). They have a small glass (about 4oz) every morning with breakfast and it keeps their poop soft enough that they only rarely (every other month or so) do we have the painfully crying days- those are some of my worst memories because there is just nothing you as a mo can do to ease the pain, they just have to "push" through it!

Meghan said...

Yogurt smoothies? She would LOVE that. She was not a fan of whole milk when we first introduced it (warmed up or cold) so we started by mixing it with those "yogurt juice" drinks -- she loves those! We try EVERYTHING -- feeding her peaches (she loves), all the apple juice she wants (she's <3% for weight so we just feed her pretty much whatever) ... but I will have to try the Probug. I'm sure she'll like it. Thank you!