Monday, February 1, 2010

... as I clean my downstairs ...

I remember a bachelor friend telling me once how he always loved going to houses of his friends who have babies.  He said "Their houses are always SO clean!"

I just swept and mopped my kitchen floor and what came off of it would have been enough to feed Phoebe 2 meals.

And now I'm about to steam clean the carpet that has juice stains/dog pee smell (when it rains, she pours) on it and I just started a load of drenched-with-pee-last-night crib sheets.

I like to imagine most people feel the way he did.  And when Geoff's friend (who I've never met) comes over tonight to visit (from Omaha!), I am hoping he will walk away thinking the same thing.

If only they knew the truth.

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