Saturday, February 20, 2010


I have never really been into "cool" music.  I know that in some circles just saying that makes me "cool", but believe me: it's not.

My friend Sarah always makes fun of me for not knowing any artist (or song) in the current top 10.  I really have no idea.  The only reason I know who those people are is my sick obsession with gossip websites.

A few months before my wedding (sometime around March 2007), I had a girls weekend at our family friends' gorgeous beach house with my bridesmaids so they could get to know each other and, well, we could booze it up and have a good time.

I realized a few days before the weekend I didn't have any good music on my iPod.  I believe Sarah said "Um, yeah, we're not gonna want to listen to Joni Mitchell, Meghan".

So, I did what any musically-challenged person would do (I think) and I went on iTunes and searched "Party Music" and I promptly downloaded a bunch of what I thought were pretty "cool" songs.  I even downloaded the ones with the explicit lyrics.

The songs went over well (the other girls knew the words) and we had a great weekend of eating chips and salsa and guacamole and drinking rum-based drinks.

I never deleted the songs off my iPod so occasionally amongst the Josh Ritter and the Bob Dylan and the Wilco, one of "those" songs comes on (that playlist is called "Party Music", by the way) and Geoff goes "What the -- ?" and we forward it (although he does enjoy when "Gold Digger" comes on) to something else.

Yesterday I was cleaning the kitchen and listening to the iPod and Phoebe was on the floor helping me by eating up all the old Cheerios and graham cracker bits and what-not, and a song by Eve came on.  It's called "Let Me Blow Ya Mind" and I THINK it was a duet with Gwen Stefani.  Anyway, it's catchy and Phoebe immediately started dancing.

I realize that we only have a short while before I'm going to have to delete those "explicit lyrics" songs off my iPod (hey -- she's not talking yet so I think we're okay still, right?) but the moment was so funny I had to catch it on video.

She catches her reflection in the oven door and crawls toward it to get a better view of her own dancing, which made me crack up.


Later that night, we were all in the living room and playing on the various instruments we've purchased to help with Phoebe's oral motor skills (recorder, harmonica) and I looked over at Geoff playing the recorder (badly! I still can't believe it) and I was playing the harmonica (taking turns with Phoebe who kept holding it to her mouth and humming) and we were all laughing and totally out of tune and definitely not very cool.

And I thought "This is pretty much the most awesome band in the entire world".

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