Monday, February 8, 2010


Yesterday morning, Phoebe fought going down for her nap and when I went in to check on her, I realized she wasn't just trying to drive me crazy -- she was warm.

Her temperature was 102.6. The thermometer gave me a "sad face".

I gave her some Tylenol and it slowly started going down, but she didn't seem to notice that she was sick.

She was crawling all over the place.  Getting into everything.  Pulling things off the kitchen table.

We put her down after an hour with a cup of juice and the sign of the cross, but when I came back from the grocery store, she was wearing jeans (way way way too big -- my fault for buying them and not hiding them from where Geoff would put them on her) and no shirt.

Her pants were too long, she had snot dripping down her face, her hair was a mess, she wasn't wearing a shirt.

She was a total ragamuffin.

Geoff and I took turns making Superbowl food all afternoon long. Slowly, because I was still not feeling well and he was starting to feel a scratchy throat, but by the final 5 minutes of the game we were both watching pretty intently.

We were both excited for the Saints to win.

I think Phoebe felt the excitement.

She chose that moment to grab Geoff's hands and make her little "aaanh" sound, indicating she wanted something.

"I don't know what you want", Geoff said.

I said "She wants you to take steps with her".

You know, away from the MOST IMPORTANT GAME EVER.

So he took steps with her into the kitchen (she laughing the entire time, as she does -- walking is hilarious to her) and then back to the living room.

Then it was my turn -- and I'm not sure if you've ever held a toddler's hands while she takes steps across a room, but it's not exactly the easiest thing ever on backs or patience.

So when we made it back to the living room, I sat down a few feet from Geoff's Leather Chair (that I hate) and said "Okay now take steps to daddy!"

She laughed. She looked at Geoff, trying to turn to face him while still holding onto my hands.

I turned her and pointed her in his direction and she let go for a second and took a step to him.

We were cheering and clapping and she wanted to do it again.

So Geoff said "Okay now take steps to mommy!"

And she laughed and fell and "aaanh"-ed because he wasn't holding her hands and in the brief moment between her holding onto his hands and reaching for mine, she took a step.

And I gave her a BIG hug and we were all clapping and she was laughing and I was like "Okay now go to daddy!"

And this went on for awhile and a few times she took 2 or 3 steps without holding onto either one of us.

Her pants kept falling down, we kept cuffing them.

Geoff kept singing "Pants on the ground".

The shirt Geoff had put on her was on backwards and was dirty (of course).

Snot dripping down her face.

And she took steps. Without holding on.

And somewhere in the middle of all of this clapping and applauding and excitement, the New Orleans Saints won the Superbowl.


Leanne said...

OMG!!!! This is AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Annie said...

YES!!! Go Phoebe!