Thursday, February 18, 2010

A walk on the beach

Phoebe has finally started taking steps ON HER OWN (well, okay, she's done it twice now) which is a near miracle.

We went to the beach on Monday (it was gorgeous) and Phoebe practiced taking steps (her new favorite game) walking on the rocks and everything.

At the end of the video, she sees a little girl about 6 walking with her parents and had to leave us to go say hi to her.

I didn't think her parents would have appreciated me videotaping that part of our day, so I stopped recording then.

But you can see -- she's come a long way from not wanting her feet to touch the ground to now walking over rough terrain.


Phoebe walking on the beach from Meghan Hoetker on Vimeo.


robyn :) said...

good job, phoebe!!!!! she'll be running before you know it! this is why they are called "baby steps".

Katie DiSimone said...

and that reminds me why my back hurt all the time when the kids were that age. LOL!