Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Shopping List

Anyone else have a fetish for reading shopping lists left in the grocery cart by someone else?

I can't be the only one.

I've decided I'm going to start collecting them and posting here, just for fun.  You know you're curious, aren't you?

Here's one I found yesterday:

I love the "does this pen work" scribble at the top.  Then the chip options (there was no need to specify cereal type though -- so does this family only like 1 type and it's a given, or is cereal choice not important?! ditto ice cream) then - (as an afterthought? or is it someone else's handwriting?) -- salad.

I'm kinda excited about this.


Annie said...

I love this!

Mama Parker said...

I peed laughing at this post.
Thank you I needed this.

robyn :) said...

i find these all the time! could i send you the ones i find? i am often afraid to leave mine...for fear i may have them picked apart and analyzed by the next curious shopper, ie. YOU ;) hee hee. i'll add some to your collection soon.

Geoff said...

LOL @ "salad" on a grocery list. YOU'RE NOT SHOPPING AT WENDY'S, PEOPLE.

robyn :) said...

you're funny, ge-off!!!!!

btw, my word was "redrot"

Anonymous said...

LOL! I think our lists say a lot about ourselves. Me...I make an extensive list of needed items with corresponding menu items on the back to take to the store and refer to all week. Then I go to the store without it. Almost every time. -- Nancy (Erik's Ma)

Stake Camp Directors said...

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