Friday, April 16, 2010

Why I Love Geoff

Me: Hey your woman is naked in Allure magazine this month

Geoff: Which woman?

Me: Catharine Zeta-Jones*

Geoff: Ugh I don't want to see no naked 40 year old woman.

(Dude, you're almost 37)

Me: Hey! In a few years I'm going to be a 40 year old woman!

Geoff: Not for a LONG time!

(8 years, pal, so you may want to start planning my awesome surprise party)

Me: Take a look at the pictures -- she looks pretty good!

Geoff: Pfft, she's not even really naked. That shit is photoshopped.

*Geoff and I will have been together 5 years next month, and I still don't know who his actress crushes are.  One time he mentioned Heather Graham, and then Catharine Zeta-Jones and also Scarlett Johanssen.  But any further prodding yields ZERO results (as you can tell above) Whatever, he knows who's in my top 5, so I'm covered.

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