Saturday, May 1, 2010

Really?! Briefly.

My attention span right now is even shorter than usual, but if I didn't write about this I think it was going to keep me up tonight because I still can't believe it happened.

Earlier today, my friend Sarah visited from Bakersfield (at my wedding, she was "that" bridesmaid ... fortunately for her however, I had two of them) and we spent some time in Paso Robles doing some shopping and walking and LOTS of eating.

I don't really want to ... well ... impugn this guy who (I don't think) meant any harm, so I won't say where this happened, but it happened at a shop I LOVE and I'm still shocked it happened.

The shop is co-owned by 2 different businesses and while Sarah went to the restroom, I was being helped by the friendly girl who worked for the business I frequently frequent.

The man working for the *other* business asked me how old Phoebe is. 

P.S. As you're reading this, please bear in mind this guy's job is S A L E S

Me: Oh she'll be 2 in June
Him: Oh, is this going to be your 2nd baby then or 3rd?
Me: Oh, it'll be my second
Him: She's kinda small, isn't she?
Me: Well, yeah, she's really skinny for her age, but height-wise she's tall
Him: She looks really small.
Him: You're not small.  Is your husband small?
Me: Well, when I'm NOT (34 fucking weeks) pregnant, I tend to be lean (MOSTLY) and my husband does, too
Him: Oh, well, I have 2 kids and she just looks so small. One of my kids takes after his grandfather who is small, but tough.  You know sometimes kids take after other family members or something

Now, it's one thing that people comment on how small Phoebe is.  She is small!  I mean, she's 22 lbs in a soaking wet diaper, for God's sake.  I get it.  I mean, when I see her around other kids her age, I notice how dang skinny she is, too.  We think it's cute.  She's just our skinny baby!

But the CHERRY on top of that whole exchange was that he looked right at me and said "You're not small".  I just keep hoping when he was SAYING "small", he meant "short", which Phoebe is not (and at 5'10" -- when I stand up straight, neither am I) but she was siting in her stroller, so like -- how could he tell!?

I'm just still so in shock over the whole thing it and it was so unbelievable that I'm almost not really offended.

I know sales guys can be a bit "weird" in their attempts to be chatty with EVERYONE, but jeez dood ... telling an OBVIOUSLY pregnant woman she isn't small is really not the best way to, you know, get her to buy what you're selling.

I mean, ever.


Stephanie Precourt said...

Totally not cool!!!!


Annie said...

W.T.F? Some people should not be allowed to procreate. This man must have missed his name when they posted the list. Oy.

Nancy said...

What a dork.