Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Last Few Moments as an Only Child

Yesterday I sold a travel car seat bag for $20 and used the money to buy Phoebe a little swimming pool and swimsuit.

We put both to good use yesterday and I enjoyed watching my daughter walk around the front yard barefoot in her swimsuit and (soaking wet) diaper, exploring her yard, splashing in the pool, and laughing at the little "boats" I attempted to make out of the star jasmine and some leaves (just like I did when I was young).

I enjoyed having the luxury of time to just sit outside and watch her, knowing full well the moments of silence between sounds will be few and far between once this baby is born.

I kept watching her thinking about how she is going to be an awesome big sister and how lucky I am to get to watch it all from the front row.  And I kept thinking about how this baby is so lucky -- when s/he is born, s/he will have THREE of us (in the house anyway) to love him or her. 

I can't wait.

And if Phoebe could understand the changes that are going to take place in her life soon, I like to think she probably couldn't wait either.

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Stephanie Precourt said...

She'll be an awesome big sister. Baby pools are my favorite. Only kind we have!