Friday, June 4, 2010

Two (2)

(I just love her little munchkin laugh and scrunched face in this picture which -- no doubt -- she'll hate me for putting on the innernets someday)

2 weeks until Phoebe is 2 years old

2 cm dilated (TMI?)

2 car seats in our car

It's been so long since I've written here, it's difficult to do.  Being so pregnant and taking care of a VERY BUSY toddler has left me little time (motivation?) to sit down and write out my thoughts.

But with the birth of our second baby so imminent (midwife said she doesn't think I'll be making next week's appointment), I feel like I should have some written reflection of what our life is like now compared to what it will be ... soon.

It's difficult to imagine.

Phoebe and I wake up each day, have breakfast (oatmeal for me, raisin bran for her) and watch "Phoebe Music" (toddler tunes on the cable channel).  I brush her hair, she brushes mine, and usually in the morning we have somewhere to be (doctor's appointments usually).

We come home, nap from 11 or 12 until 2 or 3 and then play in the living room (she making a mess out of everything -- futile to try to clean).

She's sleeping so great at night, I can't even remember the nights of little or no sleep.  And we're going to be entering that world again very soon.  A large part of me thinks that we won't be so lucky to have 2 kids (in a row!) who are great sleepers.  Even the pediatrician has warned us -- "You realize this next one won't be this good, right?"


Phoebe practices being a "big sister" (even though she has no idea what it means) by feeding her Cabbage Patch Kids her raisin bran, and offering milk to her stuffed animals.  She pokes at my belly button and when I tell her there's a baby in my belly, she looks at me and laughs.

Yeah right, mom.

Phoebe had a bout of pneumonia a few weeks ago and that basically negated the hearing test (she had fluid in her ears) and she is now so traumatized by the doctor's office, I fear we may never be able to test her hearing again because I'm not sure she'll be quiet enough for the test to be conducted properly.

She's making a lot of varied sounds lately -- she even started a "da da da" sound (miracle of miracles!) and we're still just waiting for any kind of words to come.  She does say "mah mah mah" while signing "drink" which usually means "I don't want to do what you're making me do" (i.e., "time to go ni-ni!") or it could also mean "I'm hungry".

We're still learning her language.

I'm looking forward to meeting this new baby and the experience of labor again.  I like going into it with the confidence of having done it (my way) once before.  I'm curious to see how things go this time around.  I'm hoping for a labor that doesn't last 36 hours ... I mean, God wouldn't be that cruel, right?

I guess the little missy is waking up ... and of course I am ready for a nap.

I'm not sure if I'll have anything noteworthy to write until after the baby is born.

So ... as my friend recently told me ... "Unless I talk to you before then, see you on the other side".

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Katie DiSimone said...

i'd love to give some wonderful -isms about how our lives were changed when Holly was born. But, honestly...i can't remember anything these days. The only parts i can remember are my kids laughter and the humorous parts of the past. I suppose that's a good sign? I can't wait for the new girl to come into the world! Best of luck on labor if I don't hear from you before then. :)