Tuesday, July 27, 2010


I have been mentally writing blog posts for weeks now, but with absolutely no free time (or energy) to sit and write I haven't been able to actually put anything down.

Today -- miraculously -- both kids are asleep at the same time and I don't feel an urgent and immediate need to nap.

My birthday was Sunday and to celebrate, Geoff and I went to church (where I bought one of the donuts that -- each week -- I ogle and say "Man I want one of those") and when we came back home, his brother Stu and his girlfriend Rachel were here (on their way back to Bakersfield) with champagne and an enormous Italian meats sandwich.  It was great.  We had planned on having liverwurst and onions on sourdough (with mustard, of course) for lunch -- a guilty and -- yes -- disgusting, but oh so good pleasure -- and so we had a nice "picnic" lunch with the two of them at the coffee table while watching a Louis C.K. comedy special.

We also had sangria Geoff made with the champagne they brought over. It was delicious.

They didn't stay long and I got to nap, and then Geoff made my favorites for dinner: grilled sausages (swiss and pork apple honey) and German potato salad and grilled corn on the cob.

Dessert was a mint chip ice cream cake from Cold Stone while we watched the movie "Yes Man".  I had two pieces.  It was a great birthday.  Totally low-key, very relaxing and just full of laughter and fun.

Geoff went to Bed Bath and Beyond to pick out a birthday gift for me and as I was opening the gift Sunday night, he said "I tried to find you something, but you had everything there!"  (Well not REALLY, but okay he's close).

So he bought me a food dehydrator. 

Food. Dehydrator.

I told him "It's not something I would have EVER picked out for myself in a MILLION YEARS, but I'm curious to try it".

He said I could take it back if I wanted and exchange it for something else.  No way.  The man went to a home goods store and picked out something without any clues from me as to what I might want (which is good because I had no idea anyway) and this is what he chose.

I have a dehydrator cookbook coming today ... I can't wait to try it out.

While putting the birthday candles on my cake, Geoff snapped the "2" in half, and instead of melting the wax to put it back together he used tape.

And then he sang me Happy Birthday (I somewhat secretly videotaped) and helped me blow out my candles while I was holding a sleeping Jack. 

Best birthday ever.

32nd Birthday 


Nicole (@NicoleLJ) said...

Happy birthday!!! I'm 32 too, in addition to having kids similar ages as yours :) (I have a 3/08 2yo and my last one was born on 6/15).

I love my food dehydrator! What a funny thing to choose though. :)

Meghan said...

I kept checking your blog to see when you were gonna have your baby! I remember we were due around the same time!!

He said he thought the food dehydrator looked "cool" and that I could make beef jerky with it (I LOOOOOOVE beef jerky) ... Do you have any recipes/tips to get me started using it!??!

I ordered the Dehydrator Bible (400 recipes or something) and honestly have NO IDEA where to begin!

http://abebedorespgondufo.blogs.sapo.pt/ said...

Very good.
Happy birthday

Stephanie Precourt said...

That sounds absolutely perfect!!!!!


PS the word verification on this comment is "miscack" LOL

Nicole (@NicoleLJ) said...

My favs are simple: dry tomatoes ala sun dried tomatoes. YUM! And dried bananas. Other fruit is good too,but I'll eat the bananas off the tray before I store them.

Annie said...

Dood, love the "blow out the candles from 3' away" throwdown. :D