Wednesday, July 28, 2010


(Editor's note: I am NOT an outdoorsy person, but I do enjoy the idea of drinking outdoors and grilling various pork products and of course all the cute pictures of me in khaki shorts and a bandana and braids and what-not, so just keep that in mind while you enjoy this conversation that took place tonight over dinner while talking about my friend's recent trip to Bass Lake with her twin boys)

Geoff: I can't wait until the kids are old enough to take them camping

Me (sorta lying): Yeah, I know! It'll be fun.

Geoff: I have a brand-new tent I haven't even gotten to use either.

Me (we own a tent?): Really!? How many people does it sleep?

Geoff: 2 or 3, I can't remember

Me (completely clueless): Well, I mean, that should fit us plus 2 kids though, right!?

Geoff: Yeah.  Well, I have another one so we could bring 2 and have one of us sleep with 1 of the kids in each tent or something.

Me (seriously? we own 2 tents?): Hm, sounds like fun.

Geoff: Yeah, it sucks though because I spent like $250 on that one when I thought I was going to be doing a lot of backpacking and the timing was just off when I bought it and I never got to use it.

(As I have no recollection of him spending $250 on a tent, I figure he bought it before we met. You know. More than 5 years ago.)

Me (joking): Sorry for crushing all your dreams

Geoff (continues eating salad, dead serious): It's okay

*Why I Love Geoff


Annie said...

LOL! "Sorry for crushing all your dreams" - Something I say to Mike EVERY time he brings up his Mustang that he will, "Probably NEVER get to finish now, you know, since we remodeled the house, have a mortgage and the kid." *sigh*

Meghan said...

lol what killed me is that he was DEAD SERIOUS about saying "It's okay" while I was (I thought CLEARLY) joking lol. Like "Eh it's okay that you crushed my dreams" LOL He cracks me up.