Friday, July 30, 2010

PT Day 1

(Image removed 8-13-10 because someone did a google image search, found it, and then looked at it large. Creepy.)

Phoebe has been sitting on her little frog-shaped potty for awhile now (with no action -- but she does it every single time her diaper comes off for a diaper change) so I figured today I'd start her wearing her underwear (seriously, so cute) and see what happens.

The underwear, t-shirt and babylegs lasted about 5 minutes before she signed "Help" for me to take off all her clothes and I now have a toddler sans clothes walking around the house.  And if you googled "toddler sans clothes" and got to my blog, I'm going to know about it and send the authorities after you.

Another reason I'm trying to potty train her is her therapists told me it was probably "way too soon".  I want to prove them wrong.  I am tired of them telling me the things Phoebe can't do and this is something I am going to take on, head on.

Anyway ... Things were going great -- she kept sitting on the potty every 5 or 10 minutes (she thinks it's a game) and every time I said "Yes! Do you have to go potty? That's where we go potty! You go potty there like mommy does!" etc.

She laughed, and wanted wipes (because that's what we do on the potty -- DUH!) and then went about her usual morning business: throwing cereal on the floor, tormenting the dog, waking Jack up, etc.

While my (decaf *cry*) coffee was brewing, I looked up from the laptop to see Phoebe peeing in the middle of the kitchen.

She immediately started crying.

I said "You're going potty! Look -- this is potty! You're going potty on the kitchen floor! Next time we'll go potty in the toilet like a big girl!"

I kept reassuring her that it was totally okay.  She was scared, I think, of the potty.  She didn't know why it was happening.

And while I wiped it up, I thought "Huh, maybe I'll get inspired to mop the floor now." And that thought was immediately followed by "Pfft, whatever. That pee is like 95% ammonia, right? So the floor is actually MORE clean where she went!"

She let me put a diaper on her.

And then about 10 minutes later she figured out (for the first time) how to take that diaper off.

So now I know I have on my hands a 2 year old who:

(a) refuses to let us help her do ANYTHING (I mean, in general)

(b) doesn't know what potty is or how it comes out

(c) has figured out how to take off her diapers

I'm just going to go ahead and move out until she figures out how to potty train herself.  I'm sure Geoff can handle this.

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Nicole (@NicoleLJ) said...

Um yeah. I won't tell you you have awhile. I'll just say that I have boys and my boys have not been ready until closer to 3 :)

That said, a few months ago my 7yo decided to PT my 2yo. I said more power to him and let him have at it. So he took 2yo into the bathroom and read books and sang song and cheered. And what 2yo learned from this (he learned to take his diaper off ages ago...curse of the 3rd boy) is that being naked is really cool.

End result: I've cleaned a LOT of pee and poop off the carpet. 2yo is still not potty trained.