Friday, August 20, 2010


I decided a few weeks ago that I intend to lose 20 lbs by Halloween.

And then I remembered that I'm nursing another human being so I am giving myself until New Year's. So far, I've lost 2 lbs.

I figure the more people I tell (and the more times I tell it), the more likely it will happen. I can be held accountable. I hate breaking my word.

I'm not "dieting" per se, just trying to eat normal foods (and not too much of them). The "not too much" is actually the easy part ... it's the making "normal" foods with 2 kids that gets hard (okay, yes, we eat mac and cheese like once a week).

We've been walking to the park every day or so (2 miles round trip) ...well not lately, but this week was rough ... and I intend to start working out at the gym soon. Our local gym has a 'trade' policy -- I can work in the childcare (and bring the kids, natch) for something like 3 hours a week and I get a free membership. Score.

In addition to this "clearing out" of excess baggage, I'm also committing to getting rid of a trash bag of ... crap ... every week.

Books, cookbooks, clothes, towels, sheets, bathroom products, etc.

1 trash bag. Every week.

For how long?

I can't say. Maybe until I feel like I've purged enough?

We don't live in a big place, and with 4 people, things are getting cramped with ... crap. Just ... like ... everywhere. I can't put anything away it seems like because there's already something else there.

I want to sell some of my clothes on ebay (hmm maybe I'll link the ebay store here ...) ... maybe I'll make some extra money. Donate books to the library. Towels and sheets? Maybe to the animal shelter. Bathroom products? Ugh ... garbage.

I put on perfume today I haven't worn in awhile. It's gotten old. I look at my old size 6 clothes and realize "You know, most of these probably won't get worn again". I've gotten old. I've been pregnant and nursing and that has meant ... no perfumes for awhile .. and bigger clothes.

So ... the great purge has begun.

I'm excited for the journey.

What have you been holding onto that you could get rid of? Wanna start a resolution revolution!?


Annie said...

Ugh, I'm SO with you on the not being able to put things away because there's already something there. Which reminds me, I have to take all the crap out of our guest shower tonight so no one attending our party actual thinks we store things there *gasp*

Unknown said...

i am in the same process. i'm doing much better with the stuff purge than the weight purge though. ugh. i hate that. we've been going room by room. my closet was hard, but just like you....realize i'll never be a 4 or 6 again. OR if i am, i deserve new clothes! =)
now, i need to set a weight date like you!

Meggy Megs said...

I am still not clear how these freaks lose weight while nursing. I was a FAT hog for a I am envious that you ALREADY fit into your pre-Jack jeans...I hate you.