Thursday, August 26, 2010

A week in the life

Geoff said to me the other day that we don't take nearly as many pictures of Jack as we did of Phoebe.

I told him that's not true.  Maybe *he* isn't taking as many pictures, but I can assure you -- my cell phone is FULL and my camera is, too.

Yesterday he asked me how many times a day I thought Phoebe hugged Jack.

I said "I don't think she stops hugging him, except when she's sleeping."

And even then, I wouldn't rule out her hugging him in her dreams.


Nicole said...

Awwww. Yes, the conversations in this house go "Kieran! [2yo] Get off the baby! Kieran, get off the baby. Kieran! Get OFF the BABY!!" He just loves the baby so, so much he can't help that his love is a little...physical!

Stephanie Precourt said...

OH, precious!!


Annie said...

So sweet <3

I love how in the 6th one down, he's peering out from behind her like, "Hey mom, can you put the camera down and help me out here???" lol!

Meghan said...

lol Nicole -- ALL DAY LONG "don't wake up the baby, he's sleeping" "Phoebe, he's sleeping, he's sleep-- goddamnit" (baby crying)

Annie -- he FREEZES whenever I get out the camera! It's HILARIOUS! He's such a character, but then I get out the camera and he gets deer in headlights look -- I should post that entire series because it's pretty hilarious (Phoebe MANIC all over the couch, while he just sits there, stoned, mesmerized by the camera)