Friday, August 13, 2010

What I learned last night

Last night our friend was hosting Day 2 of his 5-day Wet Zeppelin II party. 

Every year on/around the anniversary of Elvis Presley's death, Stillman has a party.  Last year we couldn't get a babysitter so we didn't go, which worked out well because PANDEMONIUM erupted and the cops came and Stillman has now been BANNED FOR LIFE from having another party at that location. 

His name in my phone is "Heroic Booze Funnel".  The man is amazing.  But that's a post for another time.

My mom offered to babysit last night so we could go (see a punk show -- at a dive bar! Score!) and Geoff said "Let's not waste this opportunity -- we're going".

We were tired, but we had so. much. fun.

But I learned a few things, like:

1. I clean up pretty damn good, I don't mind telling you (especially since I have been dyeing my own hair since around May and I haven't had a trim since March oh and that whole Just Had A Baby 8 Weeks Ago thing ...)

2. I hadn't been to a bar in so long when the bartender looked at me to give her my drink order, my mind went completely blank.  I had no idea what I would like to drink, thankyouverymuch.  Geoff quickly ordered a Newcastle and my brain was overwhelmed by all the options -- do I want a cocktail? A beer? What do I like? I can't remember!  Oh my god I used to like to drink at bars.  I drank at bars a LOT in my early 20s, what in God's name is wrong with me?  The bartender?  Not so amused.  So I awkwardly ordered a beer (Firestone DBA -- one of my faves).  And then a Southern Comfort and Coke (because -- hey -- I liked those in college).  Geoff then spilled half my SoCo and Coke while pointing out to me the bar's "$2 Tecate Tuesdays" (every night is Tecate night at our house).  And then another beer (Shock Top).  And a shot of Makers Mark (because Makers Mark is DELICIOUS).  I did NOT get buzzed enough to enter the dance cage.

3. Jack slept the entire time we were gone.  From 8 until 12.  And he woke up when I moved him from the couch, nursed, and then slept until 5.  I am going to assume this means he wants us to go out more often. 

4. And even though I got about 6 or 7 hours of sleep (maybe) last night, I felt GREAT this morning because I was so happy to have gotten out of the house without kids, with my husband, and wearing eyeliner and a very visible non-nursing push-up bra.

5. We're gonna have to do that again.  Soon.


Anonymous said...

yes, there is life after kids...
love, mom

Jaffey said...

Love it!