Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Wordless Wednesday*

(*check the booty/feel free to judge me/kiss my ass if you judge me/the pants weren't grass-stained and full of holes/she was totally normal/YAY-I-HAVE-NEW-PANTS-THAT-FIT-STRAIGHT-FROM-THE-DRYER edition)

I paid $3 at Old Navy for this shirt (that reads "Mad About Maui") shortly after Phoebe (Miss Made in Maui) was born. I know it's ridiculous.  But I love how it fits.

These aren't tight enough to cause a rippling like that ... they are straight from the dryer though, so maybe they'll stretch.  Stacy and Clinton would NOT approve.

I totally thought the cargoes were gonna be my least favorite, that I'd never wear them. Ever.  Until I looked at the booty.  HELLO GORGEOUS!


Meghan said...

I just have to add that -- dood -- I'm not nearly as fat as I imagine I am, and pictures are ALWAYS worse. But I'll be excited to post pics in a few months when I've reached GOAL!!!!!!! (said like a soccer announcer)

Nicole said...

Wow do you look HOT! Go you :)

Annie said...

Oh, I am TOTALLY judging. And my judgement is: Nice booty!!

Meghan said...

Best $20 I have ever spent. Ever.

Wetheads said...

Seriously-where is your muffin top?

Meghan said...

1. The jeans fit, therefore no muffin top

2. I have saddlebags. That is my physical punishment from God.