Monday, October 18, 2010

Jack, Month 4

The stats: 15 lbs, 6 oz (64th percentile)
27.3" long (>97th percentile)
43.5 cm head circumference (83rd percentile)

You are tall and skinny with a big head.  So basically you are exactly like your uncle Kyle.

At church yesterday, I met a woman with a 3 month old baby.  He was 10 lbs and 23" long.  I told her that's how big you were when you were born.  You are just such a big lovey galoot.

This picture makes my heart leap with joy.  You are such a happy baby.  So content to just go with the flow, but not to sit idly by.  You strain your neck to sit up.  You MUST have interaction with people (no leaving you alone to play with toys like your sister).  Oh no, you require talk/singing/laughing/tickling/or just sitting in the same room as all the peeps.  I can't so much as run to the kitchen for a glass of water without you complaining about it.  You are such a social creature.

We went to the beach and I did my best to shield you from the sun.  You -- as usual -- sat quietly and observed.

In the morning when you wake up (at an UNGODLY hour of 5:30 or something), you are absolutely ready for your day.  Talking (you've started making "Mah mah mah" sounds) and telling all KINDS of stories.  You are sorta figuring out how your hands work, grabbing at things and -- sometimes -- getting them on the first try!  You are so determined.

... and did I mention big?  Your sister wore this outfit when she was 14 months old last August.

You bring so much joy to our family.  The first word out of Phoebe's mouth in the morning is "Ba" (her name for you, which might stick so by the time you're reading this it's possible we've been calling you "Ba" or "Bap" for sometime now).  We love your little laugh, your squeals of delight, and your chatter.

We can't wait to watch you grow and see what facets of your personality will stick around.  Every day you make us smile.

Thank you for brightening my days.

I love you, Bap.


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Annie said...

4 months?? Oh. My. God!! Such a little... er, big!... sweetie :D

Love the new blog layout, btw!