Sunday, October 17, 2010

Phoebe, Year 2, Month 4

You love turtles. Pointing to the pictures of turtles. Trying to make the sign for turtles. Wanting your turtle music/nightlight thing near you AT ALL TIMES, dragging it around the house.

Insanely independent.  You can't talk much yet, but you definitely get the "I CAN DO IT" point across.  Very loud and very clearly.

Looooove your babies.  Baby is your favorite word, the second being "Ba" for "Jack".  Sometimes you even say "Baby BA!"  You give your babies a "ba" (bath) and try and get me to nurse them (sometimes I oblige -- we don't want your babies to die of starvation).

Walking.  Walking.  Running.  Exploring.  I think you've finally licked gross motor skills.

So curious (and never listen to "no").  Even when daddy is trying to use the bathroom.

You must be touching Jack.  Always.  Even when he doesn't like it.  Even when he's nursing.  Even when he loves it (He always smiles for you -- so he must).

Never sitting still long enough for a picture because you always want to look at the back of the camera to give kisses to the pictures of  "Ba".

We love you and we love your little words and your little routines (when stringing beads using the green string, you first put on all the green beads, when stringing beads using the red string, you first put on all the red).  Everything has a "way we do it" -- when I make a peanut butter sandwich, I *must* put a little bit on the tip of your finger.  When I drink coffee or wine, you point to your nose to smell it.  Every time.  You always eat "ba ba" (crackers) with "beece" (cheese), so that I can hardly unwrap the cheese from its plastic before you are pointing to the cupboard with the crackers saying "ba ba", excited when I know what you have to say.

You are so joyful and so sweet.  Even the nurse who was with you during your surgery didn't want to let you go, she just kept saying how sweet you are.

I wasn't about to argue.


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