Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Phoebe, Year 2, Month 5

Dear Phoebe,

This past month has been baby bap baby bap baby bap baby bap.  Coupled with your newfound love of RUNNING through the house, the leaves, the everything.

I think more than anyone, you love the sound of the crunching of leaves. You seek them out in order to step on them. You pick them up to inspect them, throwing them down, moving on to more leaves. Your curiosity and wonder at life make me wish I were once again so young.

New speech therapist (hoping for the best with this one), new boots (your favorite thing in the entire world are these boots -- "Phoebe, let's get your shoes!" "Boo" "Okay you can wear your boots").

You just seem to love everything about life.  You make sure to touch things, smell them, show them to Jack.  You now say "mo peece" (more please) for everything. "Burbur baby bap" is another favorite ... you love to show Jack your musical turtle.  You are just so excited about life you want to share all of its wonder with everyone.

I love watching you discover things. Like your new obsession: wearing a necklace while playing dad's guitar ... you look around frantically for your necklace, pointing to your neck, soliciting my help, so you can be dressed appropriately to rock.

The words to your songs are "baby baaaa ... baby baaaaa", sung ever so faintly, almost as if you are imagining we can't hear you if you sing so quietly. We can. We love it.

Last week, you helped daddy stir the macaroni and cheese.  You've taken to helping me wash dishes (pulling your little step stool right up to the sink, asking for soap and then a towel to dry off your hands).

I can't imagine anyone loves you more than Jack (Bap). He watches you dance around the room. You two will sit and make each other laugh, which makes us laugh. You can't go a minute without touching him, saying his name, suggesting to me what he should be doing ("Baby bap ba" - baby Jack bounce). You pretend to burp him, bringing a burp cloth to your shoulder and pleading with me -- with your eyes -- to hold him to you so you can pat his back. He grabs your face with both hands, pulls it in, and you close your eyes and smile while he sucks gently on your nose.

You love to practice writing, grabbing pens and paper off the counter. You get so serious about it, too. It's serious work, this writing.

"Phoebe, can you draw mommy a circle!?" You do, giving us the "duh" face.  As excited as we are at your words, we can't wait to hear more.  You now identify yourself, the dog, mamama (3 times, not 2) and bap.  Not yet for "daddy", but I'm pretty certain it's because the minute you see him, you say "beebee, burrrr", which is your code for "SuperPhoebe! Flip!", so he'll do SuperPhoebe, holding you above his head, your toes dangling in his face, and then flip you over.  You do this again and again and again.

I look at you and can't remember that you were ever a baby.  You have become such a beautiful little girl.

And the sunshine always seems to find your face.


P.S. This was you, exactly 2 years ago today, when you were the same age (minus 1 day) Jack is now ... my sweet beautiful baby 

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