Saturday, April 2, 2011

*tap tap tap* Is this thing on?

While I do realize it's been nearly two months since I've posted here, I have to say ... holy God In Heaven I've been busy.  Between my new business and Phoebe's therapy and the complete SHOCK to my system that is having a "neurotypical" child (Jack, for those of you not paying attention) ... you could say life has been busy (seriously, why didn't you people warn me about the putting EVERYTHING in the mouth thing?  I THOUGHT WE WERE FRIENDS!)

To be succint, we've been fired by our therapists (the woman who owned the business is all kinds of bad words I won't repeat because last time we talked she said the word "slander" even though everything I said about her was 100% accurate and MY BEST FRIEND IS A LAWYER) and discovered Phoebe had a brain hemorrhage in utero.  I'll just let that sink in because it sorta made me make that same face you're probably making right now when we found out the first time, too.  So yeah, finding out your toddler has brain damage is probably not something on your bucket list, but .. BUT! this is a positive posting (the main reason I haven't posted is because I've been so filled with anxiety over all of this mess that I couldn't think straight -- also, my mom warned me about posting things that might offend my grandma. I wish I were kidding.)

I just -- mostly -- want to share this little story from today because it made me happy.

Jack was standing up against the coffee table, reaching for Geoff's water cup (plastic, full of ice, with a straw) and we were telling him "No!" and he kept smiling and laughing (because that is what he does because that boy knows he's handsome and I will spoil him forever) and Phoebe was standing next to him so we told her "Phoebe, hold brother's hand and make sure he doesn't touch daddy's water cup!" and when he reached for it again -- I swear to you people -- she slapped his hand and said "NO!".  Now, let me tell you why that was awesome:

1. My daughter -- who will be 3 in June -- said the word "NO!" for the very first time in her life.

2. Um, I'm sorry, but did you read 1? Because I think you need to go back and read it again.

I have gotten down lately because most of the therapists we've worked with have always pointed out the negative with Phoebe.  Whereas I began my parenthood journey with an attitude of "Everyone is different, she's going to be who she's going to be", once we started going down this path of "unexplained delays" I started to become That Mom that I am pretty sure most first-time moms are.  You know, the "MY KID ISN'T DOING ____ ON SCHEDULE OMG TIME TO PANIC!" mom. 

We weren't like that.  At all.  So it's strange to become that way so relatively late in our parenthood lives.  And we have Professionals telling us all the things she should be doing that she isn't.  This isn't just reading books, it's a person -- in my house -- going "Ohhhh (frownsmile), she doesn't know big and little?" And that person takes some notes I never get to see and I feel like Elaine at the pedicure place (and if you didn't watch Seinfeld ... sigh ... I'm sorry, but we can no longer be friends).

So I got down.

And drank a lot of wine.

And we have new therapists who are awesome and whose egos won't be bruised if I consider the extra-curricular activities they recommend for us to be a waste of our time.  (Hint if the bitch who printed out the things I posted on what I thought was a CONFIDENTIAL SUPPORT GROUP is reading this: total. waste. of. time. -- please print that and show it to her, thank you and good-bye.)

And on Monday, at Mommy & Me, Phoebe looked up at the letters on the wall and pointed to them and said "A B C D E F".

She was reading.

So, yeah, there's been a lot going on here.  In addition to all the normal "2 kids under 3" stuff.


Unknown said...

Sending you lots of warm and fuzzies!! You handle the good and the bad and the in-between with humor and grace and strength, Meghan. Thanks for bringing us all along for the ride. And YAY to Phoebe!!! Way to READ, girlfriend!

Just Baked SLO said...
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Annie said...

Whoops! Posted from wrong account lol!

OMG you didn't tell me she was reading letters off the wall yesterday!!!! Go, Phoebe, go!

You guys are an amazing family, and we're so happy to have you in our lives. :)

Stephanie Precourt said...

Wow this is incredible!