Monday, October 24, 2011

Jack, 1 year, 4 months

Current favorites: fruit, of allllll varities (particularly blueberries, which he calls "moo moos"); his doggie, his silkie, his blankie; carbs (bread/crackers/noodles/rice); also? shrimp (could eat a pound of it probably in a sitting)

Current favorite words: eat, cookie/cookies, cracker (caca), animal sounds (cow and sheep mostly), Phoebe (his favorite word of all), juice ("dooce")

Misc updates: Still napping twice a day (mercifully), points to ultrasound picture on fridge and says "Baby Jack" and I say "No, that's baby R" and he says Baby R's name. Love; first haircut Oct 7th (still have little curl from the back of his head in a ziploc in my purse); starting to walk up the stairs instead of crawl; loves his Phoebe sis; loves climbing/tackling/wrestling; 5% for weight, 88% for height ("He's so skinny!" "Yes, and you should see how much he eats")

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