Monday, October 24, 2011

Phoebe, 3 years, 4 months

Current favorites: meat, of all varities (eating the meat out of a sandwich and avoiding the bread, for example); watching Princess and the Frog; all her friends at preschool; her rain boots (and splashing in the rain); waking up at 5 a.m. (quietly), coming downstairs, changing out of the nighttime pullup, pressing play on the iTunes and sitting on the couch, listening to music; going to the grocery store with mom; wearing footie pajamas (always); painting/playing with markers

New/funny words: Calling Jack "Dack" now (instead of Bay Bah, which makes me a little sad), reciting "Brown Bear, Brown Bear", but using family member names instead of names of animals, the following "Daddy has biiiiig nose.  Daddy has smalllll face." said to Geoff on Saturday, his birthday; saying "Mommy has baby in tummy, make mommy tiiiiiiiiiiiired"

New skills: going potty in potty (a few times a day) in exchange for "ems ems ems" (M&Ms), getting into and out of car seat by herself, running, counting to 10 (12 sometimes), knowing how to spell her name

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