Wednesday, November 2, 2011


Today was Phoebe's first-ever Official Picture Day.

I had imagined she'd wear one of her new shirts I splurged on ($8 apiece - whoo fancy!) ... and I was going to let her decide between the purple or the pink 

And then I realized ... I should also give her the option of wearing her FAVORITE "doggie" shirt even though I secretly hoped she'd pick the pink (it looks SO PRETTY ON HER!)

She saw the grey as I was walking down the stairs and said "DOGGIE SHIRT! DOGGIE SHIRT!"

The choice had been made.

I briefly considered vetoing, but, really, that shirt is who she is right now at 3 years old.  She's not the fancy purple or pink.  She likes those shirts, but I was thinking "Wouldn't I rather have the memory of her wearing her FAVORITE shirt of the moment than *my* favorite shirt of the moment?"

She won.

I asked her if she wanted me to put a pretty bow in her hair (never happens, thought I'd try)

She said "Rubberband".


So I put it in the rubberband, as nicely as I possibly could (taking an extra 10 seconds to style her Phoebe 'do), and as I did, I noticed that -- at some point -- she had spilled eggs and ketchup on her doggie shirt.  Breakfast had been long over by that time.

And I wasn't going to change her.

Who can?

Today when her teacher called me to tell me she had 102 fever and I needed to pick her up, I hoped she was able to get her picture taken.  Scratch on her nose (that will never heal because she keeps falling on things and re-scratching it), egg on her favorite shirt, rubberband in her hair.

Those things are who she is and what she looks like right in this moment.

When I was trying to select which picture package we wanted (the cheapest that would also give us a disc, natch), I saw two options for retouching:

Retouching $6
Deluxe Retouching $12

"Basic retouching removes blemishes but will not remove moles, scars, glass glare or fly-away hair"

No information was given on the Deluxe Retouching.

My daughter is 3 years, 4 and a half months old.  I do not believe she needs to be photoshopped.

I can't wait to see the picture.

We took some practice pictures before she left for school this morning.  She was very excited.  And then she wasn't.