Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Why I Love Geoff

As usual, my pregnancy cravings include frozen yogurt.  Incidentally, my non-pregnancy cravings also include frozen yogurt.

Anyway, the other night (after the kids were in bed so I didn't have to share), I went to get some frozen yogurt.  When I got home, I was moaning with delight while eating said yogurt and my husband and I had the following exchange:

Geoff: Why don't you just buy a quart and keep it in the freezer?!

Me: Because it's not the same ...

Geoff: Oh, you like the soft texture?

Me: Well, yeah

Geoff: Well you could totally make some in the ice cream maker! Just look for some recipes!

Me: Yeeeaaaah, but it's just not the same ... I mean, I like having the variety at the shop and the little toppings and what-not ... the mini m&ms and the mini reece's pieces, and the sauces and the whipped cream and the ...

Geoff: ... so you don't even care about the yogurt, you just like the candy?

Me: I'm sorry, have we met?

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