Thursday, March 15, 2012

Five. Period.

On Sunday, March 11 (at 9:48 a.m.), I gave birth to our 3rd (and final) child, Raef Robert.  He was 11 lbs and 23" long.  And he is already very much loved by everyone (especially big sister).

He mostly sleeps, he rarely cries, and other than having another human being in the house and my getting less sleep, not much seems to have really changed and life progresses as usual.  Days, of course, being much longer than weeks.

I'm saving the birth story for a little bit (figuring I should at least write Jack's first lest the middle child syndrome start so soon after his brother's birth -- and I plan to do it within the week, using the notes from our doula), but I just had to announce Raef and share the joy.

I have always been perplexed by women who said "Trust me -- when you're done (having children), you're done" because I had never felt I was "done" having children.  I always imagined we'd have 4.  Naturally, we'd have 2 boys and 2 girls.  Minutes after having Raef, I felt done.  I have this great sense of peace about saying goodbye to my childbearing years and I am ready to enjoy watching them grow (instead of growing them).

On "The Name" ....

We picked his name one night while perusing the baby name books (currently in the bin for the Goodwill, along with some very well-worn maternity clothes) and I saw that the name Ralph means "wolf counsel".  We liked that.  The name Ralph, however ... well ... not so much.

I said "What if we spell it Ralph, but it's pronounced Rafe, like Ralph Finnes?"  But that was immediately discarded because we live in America and Ralph is pronounced Ralph and also means "vomit".

So then Geoff said "What about Raef? R-a-e-f?" and I said "Eh .. why not just R-a-f-e?" (and I thumbed through the book to find that Rafe is Irish and means "tough man", which we knew this baby certainly to be) and we went back and forth on spelling for months up until about 2 weeks ago when Geoff said he just really preferred Raef and I didn't really favor Rafe enough to argue.

Raef it was.

Robert is a family name on my side.

After we picked the spelling, I looked up the name Raef to see its meanings.

In Hebrew it is "God has healed" and Arabic is "Forgiving".

I liked that.

And Geoff liked that there was a Celtics player with the same name a few years ago.

And with that, we are five.  And we are complete.

Welcome to our lives, little (big) Raef Robert.

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