Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Oh and also? That happened.

I braved Target with my 3 children last week and since Raef was so contented in his carseat (sleeping even! -- a rarity), I decided to leave him in it and just put the carseat in the basket, while the other 2 were strapped into the cart.  God Bless Target for having those giant carts.

Usually, I'd wear him in the Moby, but I'm not about to wake a sleeping infant under any circumstances.

So, we got everything we needed (and Phoebe got to point out the babies she wanted in the toy aisle), and when I went to pay I (finally) signed up for RedCard so we were there for a little while.

A middle-aged woman (God help me I hate that phrase, because I know it's my fate, but she was. She was middle-aged) finished unloading her cart, gave me a warm smile, and said:

"When's your baby due?"

I said "Um."

And then I died.

And from the grips of death, I managed to choke out "He's almost 5 weeks old" and indicated him in the cart.

You can imagine she was mortified.

I said "It's okay, he was a big baby, my belly hasn't gotten flat yet."

She said "Oh my gosh, I'm so sorry! I have 3 kids -- I should know better.  I just didn't see him in there!  Oh my gosh .. congratulations."

And that was the precise moment I decided it was time to get back on Paleo and be serious about losing the baby weight.

The worst part? I thought I looked pretty good that day.

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Nicole (nicolelj) said...

Ah yes. This has happened to me too. Mortifying, isn
T it? While you're returning to Paleo, Google the Tupler technique. Fixing my diastisis made me look a lot less pregnant!