Tuesday, April 17, 2012

So ... that happened

People often ask me how I'm doing handling 3 kids.  I just look at them and say "Well, we just do what we can since we don't really have a choice, you know?"

I feel the following story is a good example of my day and perfectly illustrates what my life is like with 3 kids under 4.

Yesterday I was nursing Raef (as always) while Phoebe and Jack played upstairs.

Phoebe came halfway down the stairs and said "You go pee pee on changing table."

I said "Wait -- you went potty ... *on* the changing table!?"

She excitedly said "Yes!"

I said "Okay ... well, why did you do that!?"

She said "Baby Jack dancing in it!"

I set down the baby (who immediately started crying because -- of course -- in his mind he is going to die of starvation if he's not nursing every minute of the day) and headed upstairs to find that -- yes -- Jack was indeed dancing in a puddle of piss on top of the wooden dresser that used to serve as a changing table.

Dancing, people.

I grabbed a towel, took Jack off the dresser, wiped off the pee and didn't even bother wiping down Jack or throwing the towel into the laundry basket (because the laundry basket is in our room since they will turn it upside down and jump off of it onto the toddler bed). 

With 3 kids, you just gotta let stuff go.

I won't call it surrender.  Let's go with survival.


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Nicole (nicolelj) said...

BTDT, lived to tell about it :). 3 wasa the number that knocked me over the edge. I like how it made me stretch though and I feel like a better person for it!